Syntax highlighting WordPress plugin

Just got myself a syntax highlighting WordPress plugin: WP-Syntax. So now I finally got syntax higlighting on all my name generator scripts and tutorials at my blog.

The syntax highlighting plugin isĀ  using GeSHi and supporting a wide range of popular languages. You just need to wrap my code blocks with “pre” tags and add a lang attribute, and an optinal line attribute.

 insert code here

The above gives syntax highlighting to JavaScript, and line numbers starting from line 1. The GeSHi – generic syntax highlighting framework supports a whole lot of different programming and mark up languages. I’m primarily interested in JavaScript, PHP, XML, python, CSS and Java. The line attribute detemines what line number the code will start at.

Thanks a lot to Ryan McGeary for writing this cool plug-in, that have made my name generator scripts and other scripting tutorials at the name generators blog so much easier to read and overview.

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