How to quickly restore a WordPress blog

Yesterday my WordPress blog got hacked.

On the front page there was left a message that the blog was hacked. The hackers left their hotmail addresses and the usual “cool hacker names”. Actually I could have generated the names myself with one of my name generators. 😉

Well. It did not give them much fame. Hardly any visitors and my blog, and it was only down for 1 ½ hours. Unfortunately I can not give any safety tips, because I don’t have a clue about how they got in. But it was probably through a plug-in or a slightly outdated WordPress installation.

One of the best advice against hacking though, is to keep everything up to date. Here you can find some more tips about WordPress security.

Restore hacked WordPress blog

Well anyway. Here are  a short description of how I quickly restored my hacked  WordPress blog.

Step 1: Deleted all WordPress related files and folders on the server.
Step 2: Went to phpmyadmin and deleted all the WordPress tables.
Step 3: Installed a fresh WordPress.
Step 4: Used WordPress’s import function to retrieve my last downloaded XML export.
Step 5: Used Google’s cache feature to copy paste my last blog entry that was written later than the last export.

Total time approx. 1 hour.

Consequences of the hacking

But despite the fast restore the incident still had some consequences:

  • Lost a handful of pictures. Obviously I just should have copied them over, but I actually forgot that I  had them, that I don’t use graphics much on the name generators blog.
  • Lost the old skin. But it was probably all right. 😉
  • Lost a number of plugins. But very easy to reinstall the most needed.
  • And then I got a new and fresh wordpress installation. 🙂

In such situations it’s a huge advantage to have an out of the box  WordPress installation. Makes restoring the hacked blog much easier.

And of course you also must have a proper WordPress backup.

So if anything looks a little strange here at the Name Generators Blog.  Or if youare missing any features it’s because of the above.

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