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One of the most important things when it comes to writing and publishing stuff on the Internet is spell checking. Spell checking can with the right tools be done in a few minutes and it it will increase the credibility of your work tremendously. No need to say that spell checking is even more important for non native English speakers like myself.

In this post I have collected the best tools for precise, fast and easy spell checking.

Online spell checking

Orangoo spell check is my favorite online spell checker. I just copy all my text from my code editor, paste it in the Orangoo and start the spell checker. When done, I copy the edited text and paste it back into my editor. Very easy and intuitive to use, and a great example of a simple online web application, that does the job in an easy way. No complicated configurations and choices to make. Just pure functionality.

Orangoo online spell checkers handles close to 30 different languages.

Alternatively Orangoo also offers a complete spell checking scan of your website. Type in the URL of your site and your e-mail, and you’ll receive a complete report of the entire website for spelling mistakes and typos.

Browser spell check

Spell checking in your browser is a lot easier that the online counterpart. It makes it a lot simpler to spell check blog posts, online articles, web-based emails and  posts on forum, facebook, myspace or whatever social networks and online communities you’re using.

Firefox has been offering build-in and inline spell checking since Firefox 2.0. It’s easy to change language of the spell checker and to download new language packages. All is done with a right click in your browser on the text area you wanna check for mistakes and typos. The Firefox spell checker performs a live spell checking. Just like we know it from our word processing software.

For Internet Explorer I highly recommend the ieSpell. ieSpell is a free Internet Explorer browser plug-in, that spell checks text input boxes on webpages. Opposed to Firefox ieSpell does not perform live spell checking, but need to be activated from the browser menu or a tool bar.  I have used this easy tool in many years and only have nice things to say about the plug-in.


When in doubt I sometimes use the Google search for a simple test. Their  “did you mean”-service is brilliant if you wanna spell check a single word or a simple phrase.

I also like to mention WordWeb. WordWeb is a English dictionary, thesaurus, and word finder software for Windows. The application is free for private use and is a great tool when you’re working with the English Language.

Feel free to add a comment if  I missed out on other easy spell checkers or methods.

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  1. Stephen Preskar says:

    Thanks for sharing! I found your post while searching for online spellchecking tools.

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