Elf names for Christmas

Each year for Christmas I experience a huge interest in the Elf Names made by my elf name generator.

Google Analytics shows that the daily entrances to the elf generator  doubles from  4-500 to over 1000 in late November and December.  Google web master tool confirms this trend in searches for elf names and other elf related stuff.

My statistics also shows that  more users than usual are sharing the elf names with friends at Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarkings sites.

Actually, I am somewhat puzzled by this development in December. The increasing in searches is quite self evident.  But my elf names are based in the fantasy universe and not aimed at being Christmas elf names. But maybe confusion  is due to lack of knowledge to the American tradition for Christmas names. In Denmark typical Christmas elf names derives from local folklore and nouns related to Christmas combined with good old fashion first names. A Typical Danish Elf names  could be Peter Porridge or Sven Spruce.

Well, try Elf Names yourself and tell me what you think. Can they be used for Christmas Elf names in your country or are they totally nonsense?

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Sudden drop in Google ranking

Huge drop in Google rankRecently I have been in contact with several fellow webmasters, who have experienced a huge and sudden drop in their Google rankings. Many times this  drop in ranks follows the same pattern. Every time the cause has been too high keyword density. Fortunately the problem is easy to avoid and fix.  In this post I will describe my own experiences with 2 sudden drops in my Google ranks.

This spring I experienced the first sudden drop in the Google ranking for my name generators. The drop hit me after a SEO optimization of a single name generator. The name generators was approximately 1 year old at the time, so the Google rank had been pretty consistent in a fairly long period. The severe drop in the rankings hit me over night and was not only sudden it was also huge.

The pattern in the rank drop

I wasn’t completely removed form the Google index. But for most of my keywords I dropped out of top 300 hundred (didn’t care to look further). In the screen shot you can see that I for a few keywords kept my position, and for a few I “only” dropped 20-40 spots in Google ranking.

A little closer examination revealed that the pages, who had the best incoming links, was the one who was influenced least.

Overall I lost 80% of my visitors from Google due to this huge drop rank.

I understand from my discussion with other webmasters that this pattern in the ranking drop is quite typical for a too high keyword density.

The request for reconsideration of the website

I was pretty sure that I followed Googles guidelines for webmasters, but after the incident I of course carefully reexamined them. Still couldn’t find anything fishy. I knew I used my keywords to the limit and briefly feared keyword stuffing, but I still found my text easily readable. Also all my site was effected and not only the page I had made the on page SEO optimization on. And furthermore I wrongly expected a Google penalty would remove me completely form their index. So I quickly swept the feeling away.

Working professional with search and indexing I concluded it had to be a fluke in the Google index. Therefore I requested Google for reconsideration of  my website without making any adjustments to my site.

After 14 days I received this standard message from Google:

We received a request from a site owner to reconsider how we index the following site: http://online-generator.com/.

We’ve now reviewed your site. When we review a site, we check to see if it’s in violation of our Webmaster Guidelines. If we don’t find any problems, we’ll reconsider our indexing of your site. If your site still doesn’t appear in our search results, check our Help Center for steps you can take.

And everything was back to normal. No need to say I was relieved and grateful to Googles fair and fast treatment of my request for reconsideration.

Another severe drop in the rankings

The celebration lasted only 14 days, then the exact same thing happen again. Another severe and sudden drop in my Google ranking. Pattern was precisely the same as the first time. I had to dish my theory about the fluked Google index and admit that something on my pages had triggered the Google algorithms again.

I was back to my initial fear, keyword stuffing. And first at this point a used a keyword density checker to actually test my pages. And what a scaring surprise. At some pages the density of the main keyword was around 15-18%. The reason it was still readable despice the very high keyword density, was an extensive use of headings, slogans and one liners scattered all over the name generators.

Only one thing to do then. Rewriting all pages. After a long week the work was done, and the result double checked in another keyword analyzer tool. And many pages got a second fine adjustment.

And then I send another re-inclusion request to Google. I was honest about the keyword stuffing and described, what I had done to improve the quality of my site. 10 days later I was back to my normal Google rankings again. And after 4 days further I received the same standard message again. Apparently the Google bots and algorithms approved the site before the request was dealt with. And this time I was on the right site of the quality standards.

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Guide to making cool company names

In this guide I’ll describe some different strategies to making cool company names. These strategies are:

  • Brands as company names
  • Personal company names
  • Descriptive company names
  • Naming with acronyms, contractions or hidden meanings
  • Combined names for companies

Brands as company names

Using brands as company names takes a lot more effort to make the customers understand the companies business areas. The company name  may be chosen because of some cool pronouncing, spelling and sound of a the word.

When choosing brands as cool company names a Company Name Generator can be of great help. My Company name generator makes cool and trendy tech names for you business. The company name generator can make you discover new ways of naming and might help to think creatively and out of the box.

Company name with no description needs more branding to make customers, clients and business partners understand what your companies line of business is. Branding can be done with advertising, but also by adding descriptive tag lines to your name. Texdex – High quality business supplies.

Some well known companies using brands like names:

  • Nike
  • Addidas
  • Coca Cola
  • Blaupunkt

Personal company names

Personal company names are often based on the name of the founders of the company. But it can also be a random chosen name just to add some personality and maybe even the creditability a family name can add to your corporation. Just as with the brands name the personal names doesn’t send any signals about what your business area really is. So the strategies when promoting it will be pretty much the same as with the brands. A personal name needs a good tag line and some massive advertising to make the name recognized by costumers and business partners.

Some famous personal company names are:

  • McDonald
  • Heineken
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Wells Fargo
  • Chrysler

Descriptive company names

Descriptive company names holds a description of the line of business. This is a good strategy for a upcoming company. Not the smae need for branding and advertising.

Here’s some good examples:

  • Financial times
  • EA Games (EA =  Electronic Arts)
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Micron Technology

Acronyms, contractions or hidden meanings

Using acronyms, contractions and hidden meanings are  very common and widely used methods, when it comes to naming companies. Just like the brands the names need to be easy to spell and pronounce. In acronyms or contractions the hidden meaning comes from the words behind the name. But a hidden meaning could also be found in another language. Often some of the classic languages like Latin or Greek. These classic languages represents tradition and signalize a scientific or cultural approach.

Easy to find lots of good examples:

  • IBM  (Acronym for International Business Machines)
  • Fiat (Acronym meaning Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory of Torino))
  • 37signals (From the 37 radiotelescope signals identified by astronomer Paul Horowitz as potential messages from extraterrestrial intelligence)
  • Volvo (Latin for I roll)
  • Lego (Contraction of the Danish words: Leg Godt (play well). But Lego also means “Put together” in Latin)
  • Infosys (Contraction of Information Systems)

Combined company names

Combined company names are name that use combinations of any of the above methods. This is also a very good strategy. You combine the advantages of a cool sounding brand and the easy recognizability of your business area.

  • Ford Motor Company
  • A&M Records
  • Zend Technologies
  • Mazda Motor Corporation

Cool company name resources

Company Name Generator. Cool company name generator. A great tool to get creative and random ideas for company names. The company generator saves all the generated name to a list very easy to copy and save.

List of company names. Wikipedias huge list of existing company names

How to make good business names. Blog article about different techniques to making good business names.

List of companies named after people. List of corporations named with or after personal names.

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How to make binary to decimal conversion in JavaScript

Conversion between binary and decimal is very easy in JavaScript.  This tutorial will show you how to make a binary to decimal converter and vice versa. But conversion from binary to hexadecimal is just as simple. JavaScript has some nice build in function that making it extremely easy to convert from one numeral system to another.

Binary to decimal converter script

Let first take a look at how you make a binary to decimal converter script:

function convertBinary(){
   var binaryNumber = document.getElementById('binary').value;
   binaryNumber = parseInt(binaryNumber,2);
   var decimalNumber = binaryNumber.toString(10);

First you need to get the input form the user. I assume you have made a input text filed with the ID=”binary” in your HTML.

Then you have to parse that input to an integer. This operation is very basic JavaScript but be aware the second parameter (radix) in the parseInt function. The radix is optional. A number (from 2 to 36) that represents the numeral system to be used. Using 2 as the radix tells JavaScript to parse it into the binary numeral system.

Finally we use JavaScript toString function to convert the number into a string. The parameter 10(again called radix in this function) tells Javascript, that we want to use the decimal numeral system in this conversion.

Now we just need to alert the converted number, and we are done. Very simple and very easy.

Decimal to binary converter script

And here’s how to make a decimal to binary converter script. This conversion is just as simple.

 function convertDecimal(){
   var decimalNumber = document.getElementById('decimal').value;
   decimalNumber = parseInt(decimalNumber);
   var binaryNumber = decimalNumber.toString(2);

This decimal to binary converter script is basically the same as in the above. The only change is that we don’t need the second radix parameter to the parseInt function. JavaScript assume per default that we want to parse to integer using the decimal number system.

How to make a Hexadecimal converter

Just as simple as the 2 above examples. You just need to use the right radix in the 2 JavaScript functions as already explained. the radix in the Hexadecimal numeral system is 16.

Finalization of the converter scripts

Now you just need to put the JavaScript and HTML together. This can be done in a lot of ways. I have made an example of a Binary to Decimal converter. Just right click and choose “view source” to view the code. You are of course welcome to copy the Binary to Decimal converter code and use as a base for your own experiments.

Binary – Decimal resources

Binary numeral system, Decimal numeral system and Hexadecimal numeral system. Great descriptions description of the Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal numeral system at Wikipedia. Lots of facts about history,  representation, counting and calculating using the numeral systems.

parseInt at W3 schools. W3 schools is a great place to learn basic JavaScript.

Binary to Decimal converter. An example script that makes both Binary to Decimal and Decimal to Binary conversions.

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How to make good business names

A good business name is not easy to come up with, but in this post I’ll give you a few ideas that can help you in the process of making cool quality names for your business ideas. First a few handy tips about naming your business and then 4 easy steps to make good business names.

The essence of a good business names

  • Are easy to remember
  • Are easy to pronounce
  • Looks good in writing
  • Give positive associations to customers
  • Distinguish you from your competitors

The business name generator

A business name generator is a great place to start, when you are trying to make good business names. It can ignite the creative process and in a short time give you a lot of different ideas and suggestions to work on with.

Of course a business name generator can’t come up with that perfect business name, but it’s a great tool in the brainstorming phase, and it really can help you think out of the box.

4 easy steps to the good business name

1. Brainstorming

In the brainstorm all ideas are good ideas. Write all the suggestions down to get as many name as possibles to choose from. Even stupid name suggestions are valuable because you can associate over them, and the associations can lead to new and more serious suggestions.

It’s a good idea to let a brainstorm run over several days or weeks to get time to explore more associations.  And it is also beneficial to brainstorm in different situations. At the traditional business meeting, during a walk in the park, over a lunch, during workout etc. The broader variety in the settings the more variation in the final ideas.

In the brainstorming phase a business name generator can be a very handy tool to get new inspiration and to help loosing up on the creative process.

2. Refining and filtering names

The next step is to choose from all the suggestions and ideas coming from the brainstorms. It’s is time to get rid of all the bad names. Check if the names easy to remember, spell, sounds good and is easy to pronounce. If you are going global it’s important to also thinking of these factors in foreign languages.

And it’s also time to take the initial research a little further. Is their any hidden meanings in the business names suggestions? Any Embarrassing spellings or abbreviations? Does the name  contain profanities or offensive undertones? Does abbreviations and acronyms look all right? And does the business name avoid implied associations with organizations and people  is not connected with?

Also remember to use Google to check, what results you get on your best business names ideas.

3. Check domain name availability

Next step is to check the domain name availability. Not much idea in choosing a name if you can’t get the corresponding domain name.

If the domain name is available you also need to check if your business name is already in use. Especially in your country and region, if you have a local company. The easiest method is to put your business name idea in quotation marks and do a Google search.  If Google doesn’t come up with anything then you should remember to check your local business register.

4. User testing

Finally you need to test your business names on potentially business partners and customers. A user test is extremely important, because the business name you have chosen might give other people some completely different associations and feelings than they give you. The worst case scenario is of course that go on line with a business name that sends completely  wrong signals.

If your business is international it is of course important also to check if the name doesn’t carry any profanities, insults or ridiculous meanings in the languages of any of the countries you operate in.

Good business naming resources

Business name generator. Inspiration and ideas to good business names. The Business name generator is a very easy to use and can really make you help think out of the box.

Brainstorming techniques. Description of some good brainstorming methods.

How to name a business. Tips to business naming from U.S. government.

Business registration in the U.S. Official business registration in the United States.

Guide to making Cool company names. A guide that describe different strategies to making cool company names.

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Flash name generator

A  flash name generator can be useful as a build-in feature  in various flash games and applications. For example could you use it, when you add a new movieclip to the stage.  A Flash name generator could give these movieclips  random names. Or the star in your Flash game can have a new and random name every time the game is loaded or is restarted.

And then of course because name generators are fun to play with and is a simple way for the beginner to get  in to ActionScript 3 programming and Flash in general.

In this  tutorial I will show you how to make a name generator in Flash and ActionScript.

A name generator script in ActionScript 3

First let’s have a look at the complete ActionScript for the  Flash name generator:

var myName:String;
var random1:Number;
var random2:Number;
var metal:Array = new Array("Gold","Silver","Iron","Steel","Copper","Bronze");
var bird:Array = new Array("Eagle","Hawk","Sparrow","Owl","Kite","Albatross");

generateBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, makeName);

function makeName(evt:MouseEvent):void {
    random1 = Math.floor(Math.random() * metal.length);
    random2 = Math.floor(Math.random() * bird.length);
    myName = metal[random1] + " " + bird[random2];
    resultName.text = myName;

Now lets walk through this simple script

How to make a name generator in ActionScript. Line by line

In Line 1-3 we declare some variables. myName  shall hold the generated name, and 2 variables to hold the random numbers we need in the process.

In line 4-5 we declare the arrays. These are the heart of a name generator and  the arrays are the part you need to change with your own names to make your name generator if you just dowvnload my .fla example file. The arrays can hold as many names or words as you like, just as long as you obey the actionscript syntax.

In line 7 we add an eventlistener to the button. generateBtn refers to the instance of the button on the stage. To that instance we add the eventlistener, that listen after the mouseevent CLICK. When that event happens (when the user click the button) the “makeName” function is run.

In line 9 we declare our makeName function

In line 10-11 we use Flashes buikd in math library to first get a random number based on the length of the array and the we floor that number to get an integer. These to 2 randoms integers are used in line 12 to choose random names from the arrays or word lists. In this case we have 2 random names we concatenate with a space in the middle. The name is saved to the myName variable.

In line 13 we add the text(name) to a dynamic textfield we have made on the stage with the instance name resultName.

The necessary Flash to make the name generator work

You only need to add a few Flash elements to the stage to make it all work.

  • A layer with the above actions script in frame 1
  • A layer with a button with the instance name: generateBtn
  • A layer with a dynamic text field with the instance name: resultName

If you are new to Flash it may sound a little complicated, but don’t worry. Just download my example text, and together with this simple tutorial, it really is quite simple to understand how you make your own Flash generator. Even for the Flash and ActionScript beginner.

Download Flash Name Generator

Here you can  download my Flash name generator. A complete .fla Flash file ready to open and work on yourself.

And as usual:  If you make a cool name generator based on this ActionScript generator throw a comment and I might link back to you or make a short review of your new Flash application.

The example swf name generator

Here’s my simple example file flash name generator in use. Be aware of that the very simple actionsscript and extremely short arrays only give very few different names:

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Team name generator

I have just launched a brand new team name generator. I developed it due to a user request for making a fantasy football team name generator.

I took it a little further than the fantasy football team name generator though, and tried to make a team name randomizer could make suggestions for various teams and team sports.  From fantasy football and other fantasy sports to  team based online games like first person shooters and role playing games.

Making cool team names

In order to make the team names as generic as possible the team name generator is mainly based on fantasy names combined with fantasy inspired team names. In that way I try to avoid the obvious team names like the Football Falcons and other names you might as well come up with yourself. I wanna create different names that can fire your imagination and help you make the perfect spectacular and unique team name your self.

For the basic names I use words or syllables like: cod, tor,  fan, al etc. They lead to names like fantor, alcod etc.

The team titles could be words like riders, savages, villains, rebels and fighters etc.

With the help of the JavaScript random() function and some rather complex random formulars the names and team titles are combined to new combinations. With the examples from above some typical random teams names could be Rebels of Fantor or Alcod Riders.

And that’s basically it. The inspiration from the fantasy universe gives rather unique and pretty cool team names, if I may say so myself.

Try the team name generator

Go ahead and try the team name generator. Any comments and feedback to the team generator is always welcome.

Team name generator

And I better make the usual disclaimer. The team name generator is just a program, so it can’t be avoid that bad or stupid team names will come up. I do take some chances to make surprising and unique names. And with chances follows bad team names. But no big deal, just hit the button once again and create another name. If you make just 1 good team name during your visit I’m happy. 🙂

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Call of duty – Weapon and team name generators

My son is an avid Call of Duty gamer. He has been playing COD: Modern Warfare for a long time and is looking very much forward to the next release COD: Black Ops.

Lately he  started to play Call of Duty with random weapons just to spice things up, and to bring variation into his gaming. He chose the random weapons with the help of a dice and a handwritten spreadsheet. A great method, but it could be done easier with the help of a little random scripting.

I pointed him towards some of my random scripts and he used the choose random person script to form the base of the weapon generator. He modified the script to choose primary and secondary weapon, and the 3 perks. Just needed to multiply the name array and change it to COD weapons and perks arrays, multiply the random fundtions and he was up and running. All in all it took him about 30 minutes.

And here the final result is. Emil Gamborg’s home made Call of Duty Weapon Generator.

A great example of how many opportunities you have to modify simple scripts into something new and exiting a relative small effort.

COD team name generator

If you are looking for cool COD team names you can try my team name generator.

The team name generator is a traditional name generator, that makes team names based on cool fantasy names combined with team titles. It  is perfect for COD team names, but is just as suitable for other kins of team, clan  and guild names, ranging from first person shooters in modern war environments to MMOPRG set in traditional fantasy universes.

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Syntax highlighting WordPress plugin

Just got myself a syntax highlighting WordPress plugin: WP-Syntax. So now I finally got syntax higlighting on all my name generator scripts and tutorials at my blog.

The syntax highlighting plugin is  using GeSHi and supporting a wide range of popular languages. You just need to wrap my code blocks with “pre” tags and add a lang attribute, and an optinal line attribute.

 insert code here

The above gives syntax highlighting to JavaScript, and line numbers starting from line 1. The GeSHi – generic syntax highlighting framework supports a whole lot of different programming and mark up languages. I’m primarily interested in JavaScript, PHP, XML, python, CSS and Java. The line attribute detemines what line number the code will start at.

Thanks a lot to Ryan McGeary for writing this cool plug-in, that have made my name generator scripts and other scripting tutorials at the name generators blog so much easier to read and overview.

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Use random vowels to make fantasy names

One of the more simple ways to create new fantasy names is to take an ordinary name, change some of the letters until you find a good sounding combination.

If we use the common name “Peter” as a base we could end up with names like “Patir” or “Petur”.  Both great fantasy names.

In this simple tutorial we will look at a script that will automate that process and make  fantasy names by changing the vowels of a known name. Try the  demo here:  fantasy names with random vowels.

The change vowel script

Here’s the full JavasScript random vowel function:

function voweliseName(){
    if(document.getElementById("userName").value != ""){
        var name = document.getElementById("userName").value.toLowerCase();
	var newName = "";
	var vowels = ["a","e","i","o","u","y"]
	for(var i=0;i<name.length;i++){
	    if(name.charAt(i) == "a"
		|| name.charAt(i) == "e"
		|| name.charAt(i) == "i"
		|| name.charAt(i) == "o"
		|| name.charAt(i) == "u"
		|| name.charAt(i) == "y"){
		newName = newName + vowels[parseInt(Math.random()*vowels.length)]
		newName = newName + name.charAt(i);
	 alert("Your new name is: " + newName);
	    alert('Please type your name in the text box');

First we define our JavaScript function. Let’s call it vowelizeName(). Then we check if the user has made an input in the input field. If not we go to the end of the script and alert an error message.

Otherwise we get the input with the “getDocumentById(“userName”)and transform it to lowercase with the lowecase() function. Then we don’t need to check for both uppercase and lowercase vowels.

Now we define a variable to hold our new name, and an array that contains all the English vowels. Scandinavian and German readers might wanna expand the vowel list with special characters like æ, ø , å, ü, ä, ö etc. Just remember to add them in the check also.

Finally we are ready to start the name processing. We do that with a for loop. We run through the letters one by one with the charAt() function. This function gets the character at the position the parameters show. In this for loop we use “i” as a counter.

If the letter is a vowel we find a random integer and get a random vowel from the array corresponding to the random integer. Then we concatenate the letter to the newName variable. If the letter is a consonant we just concatenate it directly to the newName.

When the for loop has run through all the characters in the name, the new name is alerted.

Wanna know more about JavaScript.  W3 schools JavaScript section is the place to go.

The HTML code to make the vowel script running

Here’s the HTML code you need to make the vowel script running.

<input id="userName" onkeypress="if(event.keyCode==13)voweliseName()" type="text"/>
<input onclick="voweliseName()" type="button" value="Make fantasy name now"/>

We need 1 input field with the ID “username”, so the JavaScript can grab the user input. The onkeypress attribute checks if the enter key(the enterkey has the keyCode 13) is pressed. If so the voweliseName() is run. And then we need a ordinary button, where the function is called with the usual mouse click.

And that’s it. When we put it all together we have a full functional fantasy name generator.

Try the fantasy name script

I just run my own name through fantasy vowelizer.  One of the better fantasy names that came up was   “Nyals Gimbyrg”. Can’t imagine it much more fantazied than that. Pretty cool for an elvish name IMHO.

Give it a go your self and create fantasy names with randomized vowels.

If you want more complex fantasy names go to the fantasy name generator. Perfect fantasy names for all kind of role playing games.

If you get a cool name, please share it in the comments. 🙂

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