Gran Turismo split time calculator

I just build my self a Gran Turismo split  time calculator. This simple JavaScript web application calculates the split time of the third and last sector on a given track. Split time calculation is based on the T1 and T2 split times and the final lap time.

Gran Turismo split  time calculator

Splits and sector times in Gran Turismo 5 replays

In the new Gran Turismo 5 the splits or sector times can be found in the bottom left of the replay screen – Live Timing Monitor. Split times can be watched from either the race or time trial screen. Or after wards your best lap replays or full race replays can be watched in the replay theater in GT-mode.

The splits and sector times will be updated while your replay is running. So the correct splits will show up when your car passes the sector timing lines at the track.

Splits and sector times  in GT5 is in a different format, than we are used to from the earlier releases of Gran Turismo. The time for each sector is shown rather than the total split time at the sector line. I guess it will be easier to see, where and how much time we lose or win  in each sector, but harder to use the splits as a target when we race?

If you have chosen a best lap replay, it won’t show the sector or split times for the last section on the track. If you watch the replay in the Replay Theater in the GT Mode the the replay is abandoned, when your car crosses the finish line, and therefor the last sector time won’t show up. To get you need to do the split time calculation yourself. Many people probably won’t care about this missing feature, but as an avid old school Gran Turismo Online Racer I often need all the split and sector times to report together with the final lap time.

Old school online racing

Old school online racing has been held in the Gran Turismo community several years before real online racing started. In short you drive a specified race being off  line and report your time and split to the race steward. Times are verified by uploads of your replay to the race steward or the GT board your are racing on if necessary. These kind of online races has been done for many years and will probably go on for years still to come. One the best places to get familiar with this kind of GT racing is the Weekly Race Series at Gran Turismo Planet.

Updated to handle all Gran Turismo tracks

I have updated the split and sector time calculator to deal with all the Gran Turismo tracks. From Autumn Ring Mini to Nürburgring Nordschleife no matter how many sectors each track has. If you need more sectors, than the calculator currently is showing, just push the “Add extra input field” button.

Beside being more flexible the code behind the calculator is being much nicer and more dynamical.

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  1. Niels says:

    Updated the Gran Turismo time calculator. Split calculation is now completely dynamical.

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