Team name generator

I have just launched a brand new team name generator. I developed it due to a user request for making a fantasy football team name generator.

I took it a little further than the fantasy football team name generator though, and tried to make a team name randomizer could make suggestions for various teams and team sports.  From fantasy football and other fantasy sports to  team based online games like first person shooters and role playing games.

Making cool team names

In order to make the team names as generic as possible the team name generator is mainly based on fantasy names combined with fantasy inspired team names. In that way I try to avoid the obvious team names like the Football Falcons and other names you might as well come up with yourself. I wanna create different names that can fire your imagination and help you make the perfect spectacular and unique team name your self.

For the basic names I use words or syllables like: cod, tor,  fan, al etc. They lead to names like fantor, alcod etc.

The team titles could be words like riders, savages, villains, rebels and fighters etc.

With the help of the JavaScript random() function and some rather complex random formulars the names and team titles are combined to new combinations. With the examples from above some typical random teams names could be Rebels of Fantor or Alcod Riders.

And that’s basically it. The inspiration from the fantasy universe gives rather unique and pretty cool team names, if I may say so myself.

Try the team name generator

Go ahead and try the team name generator. Any comments and feedback to the team generator is always welcome.

Team name generator

And I better make the usual disclaimer. The team name generator is just a program, so it can’t be avoid that bad or stupid team names will come up. I do take some chances to make surprising and unique names. And with chances follows bad team names. But no big deal, just hit the button once again and create another name. If you make just 1 good team name during your visit I’m happy. 🙂

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