Talk like a pirate day 2010

We are rapidly closing in on talk like a pirate day in 2010. In 2010 is will be 17’th celebration of the talk like pirate day.

As usually the annual pirate day is held on September the19’th . In 2010 it on a Sunday.  So again this year we got to celebrate the talk like a pirate day away from the office. But hey. When you got a cool family it’s OK. My Sons are 12 and 14 so it’s about time, that the get a closer knowledge of the more adult and humoristic approach to  pirate talk, pirate life and pirate names.

Talk like a pirate resources

Talk like a pirate day website. The official talk like a pirate day homepage. Talk like a pirate day was started by John Baur and Mark Summers  in 1995. In 7 years they were pretty much the only nerds in the world celebrating the annual talk like a pirate day. Today we are many more.

Pirate name generator. Can’t go through the pirate day without a cool pirate name. The pirate name generator uses old pirate expressions and pirate names to generate genuine pirate names. I just gave the pirate name generator a major brush up to make it ready for the talk like a pirate 2011.

Pirate dictionary. If you wanna talk like a real one, you can’t avoid the pirate dictionary.

Pirate day on facebook. Well of course pirate day also got a fan side on facebook. Over 7000 members have joined the group today and the group is rapidly growing.

Now you should be ready to have a cool and groovy talk like a pirate day 2010. Have a fantastic day. 🙂

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