Superhero names and Green Hornet movie

Super hero names for the Green Hornet premiereThe last 4 days I have noticed a sudden explosion in interest for getting superhero names from my superhero name generator. I have been puzzled, because I isn’t aware of any season for superheroes.

First idea was a superhero game release or a super hero festival of some sort. And it took a little research before a superhero search on twitter revealed, that all the superhero name fuss was cause by the release of the upcoming superhero movie: Green Hornet. Green Hornet is having world premiere at January the 14.

Everybody wants a superhero name

Funny how a sudden hype about movie like Green Hornet, can cause such a peak in interest for getting superhero names.

Well, I think the superhero name generator is well prepared to take up the challenge of creating fresh and unique superhero names for everybody. I mean green hornet isn’t exactly the most impressing superhero name I ever has seen. 😉

Well, good luck with the movie, if you are a Marvel and superhero enthusiast. And remember you can get a sneak peek and previews of the Green Hornet Movie at the official Sony site.

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  1. Zeth says:

    Haha, I work for Mojo Media Group and we actually decided to have superheroes as images for our team-page with a matching name. This blog will help.. Nice!

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