Name randomizer

When people think of a name randomizer, they usually mean 1 out of 3.

  1. A random name generator. A  program that makes random names from scratch
  2. A  small app that choose random names from a list. Could be a “choose student to answer a question” radomizer
  3. A application that take the names from a known group of people and randomize the output from a known input

In this post I’ll show you how you make all of these 3 different kinds of name randomizers. It’s quite easy, and you can found both tutorials and  download name randomizer scripts here at my blog. Just keep reading.

1. The random name generator

The first example of a name randomizer is the classic random name generator. The random name generator takes a bunch of names, mix them all together and randomize the output. At my name generators web site you can find a lot of different classic name generators in a whole lot of categories.

If you wanna make your own a name generator take a look at this description of  how you make a name generator. Or download my complete name generator script. It’s thoroughly commented and described and therefor very easy to adjust to your own likings and ideas.

2. Choose a random student

If you want a name randomizer that pick a student from a list, you need another sort of random application. In this JavaScript tutorial: choose a random person, I guide you through the process of how you make your own name randomizer, you can use for choosing students for questions.

This randomizer tutorial was made for a teacher, who needed an application to choose a random student from a list. In the blog post you can also find a choose student script ready for download. You just need to add the names of your students.

3. Randomize known or famous names

This is basically the same as the the classic name generator. The only different is the content you choose to fill in the the arrays or name list.

You can make a guitarist name generator by using the names from world famous guitarist, or what about a dictator name generator, a politician name generator. Or could make a script that randomize the names of all the guest to your next big party. That could be fun. Sky is the limit. 😉

It’s very easy to do. Just grab my name generator script, read the how to (check the first item in this list)  and add you own names and ideas.

Your name randomizer

As always. If you make a cool randomizer, application or other online gadget throw a comment and tell me and the world about it. 🙂

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  1. fuewardy says:

    “If you make a cool randomizer, application or other online gadget throw a comment and tell me and the world about it.”
    Where I have been able to read about it?

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