Name generator widget

I continue to give away stuff.  This time it’s a name generator widget.

The name generator widget integrates seamlessly with the web site. The widget contains all the necessary code to run very easily on a web page. Just add a single line of code to your page.

The name generator widget makes code names, that can be used in various ways.  Use the  widget to make code names for bands, projects, blog names etc.

See how the widget works at my sidebar. —–>

How to install the widget

Just insert this line of simple  code, where you want the  name generator to run, and you got a fully functional name generator on your site.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

The widget takes care of the rest. From name generation to styling.

How to customize the name widget.

Use firebug or other developer tool to see the unique id’s and classes on  all elements.  Just add these to your style sheet with the styles you want. In this way it’s easy to add background images or cool buttons to the widget.

Name widget specs

The widget is programmed in JavaScript. It is minified to minimize the load time for your users.

The name widget  works crossbrowser. It is tested in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7+8, Opera and Chrome.

It follows the XHTML standarad set by the and validate as XHTML 1.1.

Do you want another name widget?

Do you want a business, superhero or maybe a fantasy name widget on your site, blog or  favorite forum?

Please contact me and let’s see if we can work out something. I’m always interested in some serious text link cooperation. 😉

For another working example check this band name generator widget.

Other free name generator stuff

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9 Responses to Name generator widget

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  2. Josh says:

    hey im trying to make a simple widget that has a text entry box that the user puts his name in. Then they press the “stufer-ize ur name!” button and the result is the entered name plus “stufer” at the end of their name. For example, I input “Josh” into the text box and click the button. The result is a message saying that my new name is “Joshstufer” I have to tried to make such a widget with but have been unsuccesful. Any help would definately be appreciated for this great cause.

    thanks, Josh

  3. Niels says:

    Hi Josh

    Sound like a fun idea. 🙂

    You mean something like this: Stufer-ize your name?

    Actually it pretty simple to make it to a widget. Just use document.write to write the code to the website.

    But why do you wanna make it into a widget in the first place? Only takes a very few lines of code to integrate it into your site. No really need for a widget functionality here.

  4. Josh says:

    this is amzing! im stupid when it comes to computer code and such, can u give me the code to insert it into my website?

  5. Niels says:

    Sure thing. It’s actually quite simple as long as you don’t want to write a name widget, that you host and support for others, but the widget is only to show on your own web site.

    Place this snippet of code in head of your html. That somewhere between the head-tags: If in doubt just place it as the last thing before the end head-tag(</head>)

    <script type="text/javascript">	
    	function stuferize(){
    		if(document.getElementById("userName").value != ""){
    			var name = document.getElementById("userName").value;
    			alert("Your stufer-ized name is: " + name + "stufer");
    			alert('Please type your name in the text box');

    And place this html in the webpage, where you want the stuferizer to show up:

    <input type="text" id="userName" />
    <input type="button" value="Stuferize my name now" onclick="stuferize()"/>

    And the stuferizer name widget should be up and running.

    Good luck. 🙂

  6. Josh says:

    dood thanks so much! i made some changes but it works like a charm.

  7. Niels says:

    Cool. Glad it was useful. If you come around it, I will always be thrilled by a link back to my site. 😉

  8. David says:

    hi Niels,
    I copyed the code into my webpage and I get everything except the name results 🙁
    When I just copy the html file as a link it works and opens up in new page (unedited) but I want this to be staic on my page and not open up into a new page
    What am I doing incorrectly?
    See Test2 page on my site
    thx in advance for any help 🙂

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