How to make good business names

A good business name is not easy to come up with, but in this post I’ll give you a few ideas that can help you in the process of making cool quality names for your business ideas. First a few handy tips about naming your business and then 4 easy steps to make good business names.

The essence of a good business names

  • Are easy to remember
  • Are easy to pronounce
  • Looks good in writing
  • Give positive associations to customers
  • Distinguish you from your competitors

The business name generator

A business name generator is a great place to start, when you are trying to make good business names. It can ignite the creative process and in a short time give you a lot of different ideas and suggestions to work on with.

Of course a business name generator can’t come up with that perfect business name, but it’s a great tool in the brainstorming phase, and it really can help you think out of the box.

4 easy steps to the good business name

1. Brainstorming

In the brainstorm all ideas are good ideas. Write all the suggestions down to get as many name as possibles to choose from. Even stupid name suggestions are valuable because you can associate over them, and the associations can lead to new and more serious suggestions.

It’s a good idea to let a brainstorm run over several days or weeks to get time to explore more associations.  And it is also beneficial to brainstorm in different situations. At the traditional business meeting, during a walk in the park, over a lunch, during workout etc. The broader variety in the settings the more variation in the final ideas.

In the brainstorming phase a business name generator can be a very handy tool to get new inspiration and to help loosing up on the creative process.

2. Refining and filtering names

The next step is to choose from all the suggestions and ideas coming from the brainstorms. It’s is time to get rid of all the bad names. Check if the names easy to remember, spell, sounds good and is easy to pronounce. If you are going global it’s important to also thinking of these factors in foreign languages.

And it’s also time to take the initial research a little further. Is their any hidden meanings in the business names suggestions? Any Embarrassing spellings or abbreviations? Does the name  contain profanities or offensive undertones? Does abbreviations and acronyms look all right? And does the business name avoid implied associations with organizations and people  is not connected with?

Also remember to use Google to check, what results you get on your best business names ideas.

3. Check domain name availability

Next step is to check the domain name availability. Not much idea in choosing a name if you can’t get the corresponding domain name.

If the domain name is available you also need to check if your business name is already in use. Especially in your country and region, if you have a local company. The easiest method is to put your business name idea in quotation marks and do a Google search.  If Google doesn’t come up with anything then you should remember to check your local business register.

4. User testing

Finally you need to test your business names on potentially business partners and customers. A user test is extremely important, because the business name you have chosen might give other people some completely different associations and feelings than they give you. The worst case scenario is of course that go on line with a business name that sends completely  wrong signals.

If your business is international it is of course important also to check if the name doesn’t carry any profanities, insults or ridiculous meanings in the languages of any of the countries you operate in.

Good business naming resources

Business name generator. Inspiration and ideas to good business names. The Business name generator is a very easy to use and can really make you help think out of the box.

Brainstorming techniques. Description of some good brainstorming methods.

How to name a business. Tips to business naming from U.S. government.

Business registration in the U.S. Official business registration in the United States.

Guide to making Cool company names. A guide that describe different strategies to making cool company names.

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