Elf names for Christmas

Each year for Christmas I experience a huge interest in the Elf Names made by my elf name generator.

Google Analytics shows that the daily entrances to the elf generator  doubles from  4-500 to over 1000 in late November and December.  Google web master tool confirms this trend in searches for elf names and other elf related stuff.

My statistics also shows that  more users than usual are sharing the elf names with friends at Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarkings sites.

Actually, I am somewhat puzzled by this development in December. The increasing in searches is quite self evident.  But my elf names are based in the fantasy universe and not aimed at being Christmas elf names. But maybe confusion  is due to lack of knowledge to the American tradition for Christmas names. In Denmark typical Christmas elf names derives from local folklore and nouns related to Christmas combined with good old fashion first names. A Typical Danish Elf names  could be Peter Porridge or Sven Spruce.

Well, try Elf Names yourself and tell me what you think. Can they be used for Christmas Elf names in your country or are they totally nonsense?

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2 Responses to Elf names for Christmas

  1. I would like to share your elf name generator on our blog. Our focus is on white elephant gift exchange parties, but adding your fun tool would make it even more interesting for our players.

    How do I go about using your elf name tool?


    • Niels says:

      Hi Bruce.

      You can easily make your own elf name generator. Read my tutorial on “how to make a name generator” and download my ready to use “name generator script”.

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