Call of duty – Weapon and team name generators

My son is an avid Call of Duty gamer. He has been playing COD: Modern Warfare for a long time and is looking very much forward to the next release COD: Black Ops.

Lately he  started to play Call of Duty with random weapons just to spice things up, and to bring variation into his gaming. He chose the random weapons with the help of a dice and a handwritten spreadsheet. A great method, but it could be done easier with the help of a little random scripting.

I pointed him towards some of my random scripts and he used the choose random person script to form the base of the weapon generator. He modified the script to choose primary and secondary weapon, and the 3 perks. Just needed to multiply the name array and change it to COD weapons and perks arrays, multiply the random fundtions and he was up and running. All in all it took him about 30 minutes.

And here the final result is. Emil Gamborg’s home made Call of Duty Weapon Generator.

A great example of how many opportunities you have to modify simple scripts into something new and exiting a relative small effort.

COD team name generator

If you are looking for cool COD team names you can try my team name generator.

The team name generator is a traditional name generator, that makes team names based on cool fantasy names combined with team titles. It  is perfect for COD team names, but is just as suitable for other kins of team, clan  and guild names, ranging from first person shooters in modern war environments to MMOPRG set in traditional fantasy universes.

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