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I have just launched a brand new name generator website: Business Name Generators.

The focus is to create a collection of free online tools to help creating catchy names for all conceivable business areas. So the business name generators is a website where you can find help and inspiration when it comes to naming all business related projects.

From the launch the business names generators features 4 different business generators:

  1. Business name generator – ideas and suggestion for naming your business.
  2. Company name generator – more specialized tool aimed at naming a company.
  3. Project name generator – a generator coming up with code name for naming your projects.
  4. Brand name generator – creating catchy brand names.

    And many more tools are soon to follow.

    Portrait of a business name generator

    The Brand Name Generator is a typical example of the tools at the business names generators. It makes random suggestion for brand names.The brand name generator uses word lists with words and syllables known from eg. science, biology, math, economy etc. These words are handpicked because of their generic nature and suitability for making modern brands.

    The words from the lists are then combined together with random functions. Functions that decide which words and syllables to use as the base names and which should be pre- or suf-fixes in the final brand name.

    To make surprising and creative brand names, the random algorithms are programmed to also make the less obvious word combinations. It sometimes leads to inappropriate, bad or even stupid brand suggestions. But it’s a deliberate strategy to make the brands and business names more interesting. And if you don’t like the name it’s extremely easy to just generate another one.

    Business Generator Design

    Interface design

    As always the most important for user interface design is to keep things simple. So the style is minimalistic and with no disturbing elements. A clear visual hierarchy makes it’s easy to grasp the website and it’s core functionality in a split second.

    A distinct button immediately makes it clears where to start name generation. Result of the generation is written i a huge bold type helping to keep the users focus concentrated on the generation area.

    And of course all the names generated are saved to a list, so you won’t miss any good ideas, just because you click the button too fast.

    Generator programming

    As always the generators is programmed in JavaScript. It’s simply the most user friendly way to do things. JavaScript is blazing fast and new names are generated with absolutely no waits, because the JavaScript is executed locally in the user browser.

    All JavaScript is native and hand written to make loadtimes even smaller. JavaScript frameworks and libraries like jQuery, Moo Tool etc are smart and convinient,  and they do make programming faster. But no matter how optimized they are, they requires extra loads and http requests, and they will add to the load time of a page. So doing it yourself is both faster and more fun. 😉

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