Business name generator with domain check

For a long time I have wanted to make a domain availability checker in conjunction with my name generators. And now the feature is ready: Business name generator with domain check.

The feature is incorporated into the web page of the business name generator, so you just need to click the random name you wanna perform a check on. Very easy and simple to use.

The domain check at my business name generator is performed with help from , the big international domain and hosting company.

I have made an affiliate agreement with them, and have been granted permission to perform domain availability checks through one of their domain availability check forms.

Domain availability check to all random names

There’s no reason to add an availability check to all my random name generators. If you are looking for a cool screen name you are probably not interested in buying the corresponding domain name.

Instead I have added the domain check tool to all of the name generators, where it is relevant to perform such a check. That means the feature is added to all of my business line name generators like the company name generator, the code and project name generators and the product and brand generators.

Further more I have added the new domain check feature to the guild and clan name generators and finally the band name gen. Many clans have their own websites and all serious bands also have it.

Domain availability check. What took you so long?

This pretty obvious feature was delayed by a couple of reasons. First of all because of the economy in it. If you wanna perform a check up against the professional whois databases you have to pay a rather steep price for it. Meaning that only pros in the domain and hosting business can actually afford it.

There are some free services out there and it is possible to web scrape some of them. But every time I ran into problems with very long waits.  Most of the free the services are simply too slow to reply to the request. And waiting 5-10 seconds is not acceptable in a modern web application.

Get you own domain names

If this got you curious you can try out the new feature at my Domain name generator.  But be aware that you might find some cool domains for your business and projects you just need to have. 😉

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