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A friend of mine suggested that I made a blog name generator. Why? I already have a great blog name generator.  😉

Code Name – Blog Name Generator?

No reason to start all over. The  Code and Blog Name Generator makes cool  ideas for blog names.  By design it of course is originally a code name creator, but  the results is useful in a wide variety of areas. And many of the generated code names would also work great as blog names. What would you say to blog names like:

  • Rough Heart
  • Scarlet Moving Pens
  • Autumn Confidential
  • Subtle Knife

I think they could be pretty cool blog names. So from today instead of  reinventing the wheel, I simply claim the code generator to also be a Blog Name Generator.

EDIT: I just added a domain availability check function, so you right away can check if the suggested blog name is available as a domain name. Several top level domains are checked.

Making names

The names are made by 2 and 3 word combinations from word list specially chosen for making code names. Words with lots of  meaning a strong ability of creating  images. The results is powerful, inspiring and creative code and cool blog names.

An algorithmic program gives variation and up to 5 million different code or blog names.

What is in a good blog name

Well it really depends on the he subject of the blog and the personalty of the blogger. But a good blog name could be

  • describing for the content of articles and subjects
  • content important keywords
  • memorable
  • catchy and cool

A blog name generator can’t do much for you if you’re looking for specific and descriptive title like the title of my blog. But if you’re looking for catchy, cool, funny blog  names, a name generator can help you in the process.

Idea generator

Don’t expect too much. A name generator is basically an idea generator. It does not necessarily make the perfect names. A simple artificial intelligence of a rather simple script don’t get the subtle meanings in certain word combinations. And it’s often  the subtle nuances and meanings that separates the good blog name from the bad one.

The strength of a generator is that it can come up with endless combinations, cool ideas and a lot of suggestions.

You just have to take the good ideas and form them into you personal blog name.

Go to the Code and Blog Name Generator.

Make your own blog name generator

If you are not happy to use the code name generator as a solution, it has never been easier to make you own blog name generator. You just have to download the full functional name generator script, and add you own word lists.

In a  few minutes you can have a simple blog name generator up and running. And if you put a little more work into it, you can very easily make a full blown blog name generator.

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25 Responses to Blog name generator

  1. Niels says:

    Added a new paragraph with a link to the name generator script. For those who wanna make their own blog name generator. 😉

  2. Emma Walker says:

    my life is hilarious

    • Niels says:

      hehe. I bet it is, Emma. And now you’re looking for a cool blog name to match it? 😉

      What about: “My life is hilarious”? Hmmm… is still not taken, and that’s actually a pretty good name for a blog.

  3. Stefan Jönson says:

    Hi Neils

    I’m going to start a blog about web developement, and instead of just calling it “blog about web development” like all the other blogs about that subject, I tried your code name generator to find a name. Can’t say the generator gave me the excact name I was looking for, but it gave a couple of good ideas for blog names to work with and refine.


  4. Niels says:

    That’s great Stefan. And actually most generators are supposed to work that way. Namely generating new cool ideas.

    Good luck with your blogging and good luck in coming up with the perfect blog name. 😉

  5. Megan says:

    I have recently discovered a new hobby in
    photography. I wanted to create a blog sharing my photos
    in hopes of getting feedback from other amateurs. Here are
    two names for my blog: A hidden ray of sunshine or
    From the eyes of my world. Let me know what you think!
    Any suggestions?

    • Niels says:

      Hi Megan.

      I have been photographing for many years myself. And I think “A hidden ray of sunshine” would be a great blog name for a photographer. It has that somewhat undefinable feel, that a good photo also has. Plus the reference to the core technology of photography, the rays of light. “From the eyes of my world” seems a little more generic, and doesn’t have the mysterious touch. But that’s just my humble and very personal opinion.

      Good luck with the photography, naming the blog and the blogging it self. 🙂

  6. Julian B. says:

    Hi Niels!
    I am an elementary school student (8th) that is looking to start a blog. I am planning on just talking about whatever is going on at the time. I am also expecting it to only be read by my fellow schoolmates. Would you be able to help me with my blog’s name? I will also be talking about video games a lot if that could help.

    • Niels says:

      Hi Julian. 🙂

      A blog name is very much dependent of the purpose and the audience of the blog and maybe even more important the preferences and personality of the blogger. So it’s pretty hard for me to come with anything cool without really knowing you or your readers.

      May I instead suggest that you use one of my name generators to find some cool names and some inspiration for blog names. If you post the ideas you come up with here, I would be happy to share my humble opinion… if that in anyway would be useful for you.

  7. Demi says:

    Hi Neils,

    I (female) am an amateur photographer (meaning I have a digital compact and zero experience with it) and I am creating a blog about anything and everything! Think Keri Smith’s blog and that’s the style I want! I also just love vintage and vintage photography and would like to incorporate that somehow.
    I quite like clever quotes such as ‘In Omnia Paratus’ (latin) and others, so am looking for a name with a quote like that, or one with the word ‘Vintage’, but I can’t decide. Hellllp!! XD

  8. Niels says:

    Hi Demi

    Clever quotes can be very descriptive for a bloggers personality and the content of blogs, and therefore be quite interesting to use as blog names.

    But if these quotes are in Greek or Latin they are only understood by the few. As a result the blog name will be impossible to remember for the majority. And in worst case the blogger might seems a tad pretentious. If your blog is aimed at a very tight and distinct group of readers this of course of less importance.

    But this is of course just my humble and very personal opinion on the matter.

    Good luck with both the blogging and the photography. 🙂

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  10. Rory says:

    Hi, does anyone have a clever fashion blog name?

  11. Quinn says:

    I like AUtumn Confidential so much, that i used it! Hope u dont mind….

    • Niels says:

      Hi Quinn.

      It’s great you found something you could use. After all it’s the very purpose of the blog name generator.

      Good luck with your blogging. 🙂

  12. Aelia says:

    Hi Niels,

    I’m planning to start a blog of my own. I write poems. Majority of my poems are written on my life, on love, for my friends, the one’s I love and lost and some are written for my father. I lost my dad in April 2011.
    I’ve come up with a few names:- Endless Beam, Reborn Love, Needless Love, Subtle heart. I’m finding it hard to decide. I want it to be catchy, self explanatory and the name should make my reader’s understand the depth in my poems. Help me please!

    • Niels says:

      Hi Aelia

      It is difficult to decide, but you are really the only person to make a qualified choice. But if you do write poetry it might be more relevant to use a sentence from one of your poems to form the blog name rather than using a blog name generator for the naming.

      Good luck with your blogging.:)


  13. Rizza says:

    Hi Niels,

    I am a 20-year old female who wanted to start out a blog that talks about my personal life, about getting a life after graduation, poems and inspiring photos, working as a freelancer, about friends and family, travelling and a bit of photography too. As much as possible, I wanted it to have a personal name. Could you suggest me a catchy one? I got no idea about naming a blog. So far, I have listed:
    Behind Rhizza’s Thoughts
    Rizza: Through the eyes of a dreamer
    A day in the life of a ____.

    I hope you could help me with this one. Will appreciate your response. 😀


    • Niels says:

      Hi Rizza.

      I’m no expert at all, but if you ask for my personal opinion I think “Rizza: Through the eyes of a dreamer” is the best one. It’s less “cliche”?. Probably because you put your name before the tag or catch line. Gives a good rhythm to the name.

      Good luck with the blog. 🙂

  14. PrincessAprilAnn says:

    I have a funny blog name I like it very much it doesn’t matter which blog name I have chosen as an online writer.

  15. Senami says:

    Hey. Am a new fashion blogger but not really happy with my blog at the moment so I decide I want to start all over again. That’s why i need a really good name for it that would catch people’s eyes. I want the name to reflect who i am. people have describe me as funny, crazy, smiley and just a bit obessed with boobies. Can you help me out?

  16. Dee says:


    I live in a small town in Alaska. There’s not much out there for diabetics like myself. I’m outgoing, love exercise, eating right and just enjoy life. I want to create a Website, blog or anything that has resouces, recipes, space for people to share ideas, set dates to walk in the park, do Zumba, and just have fun in this journey with diabetes. I want a cool name that will engage woman to participate in our small town. Any ideas?

  17. Kynzi says:

    hey there neils!
    so im a freshman in high school and i have created a great presentation on cyberbullying. the only problem is that i dont have a name for it. i want to take my presentation(for school) one step further and turn it into an organization to talk about the harm cyberbullying can do. i would probably use the same title of the presentation as the organization. any ideas? thanks!

  18. Niels says:

    Sorry guys, I’m not really an expert on coming with cool blog names, but rather making name gens. You should try one of my many name generators to find the tone and approach you prefer, and give it 20-30 clicks and just pick the best name. 😉

    Good luck! 🙂

  19. Elena says:

    Hi! I want to start a personal blog but I can’t decide upon a name, could u please suggest something?
    Here’s what I have in mind 🙂


    I want some different names, please? Any suggestion???? 🙂

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