Better vampire names

I have made a major update to the vampire names generator. It was one of my first name generators, so it needed a serious overhaul. The vampire names was generally too long and needed so serious tightening up.

Try the better vampire names.

More and better names

I have increased the number of names. I have recycled the fantasy names with the most East European sound and feel. And i have added both new vampire names for girls and boys.  In return some of the least suited boys and girls vampire names also has been removed.

The effect of the increased numbers of name is many more possible unique name combinations. And the effect of the added fantasy names is more mystic, cryptic and devious vampire names.

Changed algorithms

I have also changed the algorithms of the generator. The names are now shorter and more powerful. Also the variation in names has increased because of  more complex random algorithms.

Overall the consequence is much cooler and better vampire names.

Vampire background

Finally I have also added a few new links to other vampire resources and updated the articles with some vampire background and history.

Bad vampire names?

And the usual disclaimer. I still make bad names. Sorry but I have to take chances to surprise. Bear with me and just generate a bunch of vampire names and only choose the best ones.

Go and get the new and improved vampire names!

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