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Band name widget at Australian band site entertainya

I was contacted by Aladdin from the  Australian band site entertainya. Aladdin wanted a band name  widget to spice up

Alladin wrote:
My Name is Aladdin, I run and own an Australian online music and entertainment called entertainya. I have been on the hunt for something fresh and exciting to add to my site as i have 1000’s of musicians browsing everyday.
I came across your project and would love for you to consider allowing me to integrate your band name generator onto my site.

I thought the idea sounded exiting and started to develop a band name widget. The band name widget gave the idea to make a free  name generator widget.

Band name generator

The band name generator  widget is a  full copy of the band name generator. Same amount of band name combinations and with a 100%  functionality.

You can see the band widget and how seamless  it integrates with the site. is based on a  joomla cms.  The band generator code is run locally on the client, so it will work with all blogs, cms as well as ordinary html pages.

Behind the band widget

The band name widget is programmed in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and Alladin  just needed to add a single line of JavaScript to include on his website.

The widget is compressed to minimize download time, and of course follows the w3.0rg standards for proper HTML and validates as XHTML 1.1.

Do you want a cool name widget too?

Do you want a similar or other specialized cool name widget on your site, blog or  favorite forum? Check out this free name generator widget.

Are you looking for a different kind of cool name widget? Please contact me and let’s see if we can work out something.

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