Alternative use of name generators

Spicing things up with a name generator

In  this article by the Dutch photographer Michael Van der Tol: photographic project names,  he gives ideas for alternative uses of name generators. He tells about the slump you often get into. Things get uninspired and you often end up doing the same things over and over again.

You need new inputs to get new ideas. Use a project name generator to generate ideas for new exiting photographically projects.

Michael Vander Tol:

If you’re like me the project rarely comes before the photographs; and actually, the project title comes last. So I’m proposing you mix things up a bit and start with the project title.

Generate ideas and names for writing

Inspired by Michael van der Tools idea we  can also use name generators to generate ideas for writing. Ideas to use for novels, essay, short stories etc.

What about letting “yellow foot” be the secret code name of a military operation of  “alpha beat” could be the name of upcoming pop group, or the state of the first hearts beats after a time travel in a science fiction short story.

(“yellow foot” is the project name for user interface using the Summa search engine.  “alpha beat” is the  name of an upcoming pop group 😉  not generated by the project name generator, but might as well been)

T-shirts and cool names

Another alternative use of cool names would be as a t-shirt text. Strange t-shirt text are usually some cool icebreakers in many contexts.

Opportunities are abundant.

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