Guitarist Name Generator

This is a guitarist name generator made in 10 minutes from the do it yourself downloadable name generator script.

Enjoy this demo of a guitarist name generator, download the script and make your own pro version of a guitar player generator. :D

The Guitarist Name Generator is based on a fast list of some of the very best guitar players of all time.

Sorry if the list is missing your favorite guitar player. This is just a demo and just for fun.

Download the if you wanna make your own guitar hero names.

Need help to make it? You are welcome to ask questions to the script at my blog: Name generator script article. I'll try my best to help you.

If you make a cool generator or randomizer, write me a line, and I might make a review of it for you.

And finally, if all this has been any help to you, I will always be very happy for link back to my site :)