Binary to Decimal converter

This is a simple Binary to Decimal converter. It is based on the simple JavaScript explained on my blog in this article: How to make Binary-Decimal conversion in javascript

From Binary to Decimal
From Decimal to Binary

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Build your own Binary Decimal converter

A JavaScript Binary Decimal converter is very easy to program, and is at the same time very fun to play with for beginners to JavaScript programming.

This Binary to decimal converter is based on the JavaScript described in this post: How to make Binary-Decimal conversion in JavaScript. The JavaScript is placed in the build your own name generator template I already have used for a lot of my guides and tutorials.

If you wanna play with it your self you can find a lot of good ressources at the Name Generators Blog

Binary to Decimal converter ressources

At Wikipedia you can find a lot of good articles about the different numeral systems. Check them out if you want to get a better understanding of how they work and their differences.

Binary numeral system

Decimal numeral system

Hexadecimal numeral system