9 cool name generators

Lots of cool names from the most popular and very best of my free online name generators.

Business related name generators

1. Business name generator – Cool business names, ideas and suggestions to naming your business. Just like an online brainstorm.

2. Code names – The code name generator makes cool and funny code names for all kind of business related projects or projects just for fun.

3. Company name generator – High tech, trendy and cool company names. Use the company name generator to get inspiration to naming companies.

Cool fantasy names

4. Fantasy name generator – Fantasy names for Fantasy games. Creative and cool role playing names for your favorite MMORPG.

5. Team name generator – Cool team names inspired by a fantasy universe. Make your team stand out with a unique and creative name from the team name generator.

Funny nicknames and screen

6. Nickname generator – Just some cool nicknames for your online profiles. Find your new screen name here.

7. Pirate name generator – Pirate names perfected for the annual talk like a pirate day.

8. Superhero name generator – Cool superhero names and bad villain names. Funny names for leisure superheroes and villains.

Rock, rap, funk and heavy

9. Band name generator – Cool band names for rock bands, rappers and hip hoppers

Much more

If the listed generators don’t fulfill your needs there’s many more to choose from at the name generators. 19 different name randomizers in several variations and categories gives lots of inspiration to all kind of creative, catchy, funny and serious names.

All are very fast and easy to use. Make new names with a single click on a button. All the suggestions are saved to a list you can copy before you leave. All applications areย  programmed in JavaScript to secure instant results and no waits at all. If you don’t like the first name just generate a new one.. and one more or 50 more.


If you got any suggestions to future name generators or new features don’t hesitate to write a comment, and I’ll look into it as soon as I get the time.

2 Responses to 9 cool name generators

  1. Jen Coleslaw says:

    I need a name generator that names rescued cats and kittens for a rescue org I work with. I figure that it could have a few descriptors (color, size, personality, gender, etc?) and then a boatload of names that could pop up. We are running out of names and have started to recycle. ๐Ÿ™‚

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