The guy behind it

My name is Niels Gamborg.  I’m living in the city of Århus, with my wife and 2 boys.

I’m a multimedia designer, web designer and webmaster currently working with search and web interfaces at the Danish State and University Library.

About the blog

I use the Name Generators Blog to write  about my hobby project the online name generators.

The blog is basically a playground. I experiment with simple application programming,  user interface and web application design. The philosophy is to keep everything very simple and easy to use.

Behind the project

The Project started with an idea to make a handful of small useful web application like calculators, converters or random generators.

The first application was a random number generator. And soon followed the superhero and the code name generator.  Today the name generators hosts more than 17 individual name generators.

Link building

Lately I have seen an increasing interest form other name generator owners to comment on my blog, just to get the WordPress standard no-follow link back to their generators.

I fully understand this, but if you own a generator, I do believe it would be better for both of us, if we found into some kind of cooperation and quality link exchanging. So instead of leaving indifferent comments, please write me a mail (webmaster[at]nielsgamborg[dot]dk) and lets work something out we both can benefit from.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    Hi Niels!

    My name is Cecilia Cao, a freshman at the Rhode Island School of Design in the US. I’m currently working on an art project regarding the automation of menial labour jobs. The theme extends to questions such as: “whether AI can become so complex that they can A) take over “complex” jobs including coaches/stylists/etc. B) grow out of our control into beings of “pure possibility,” having their own creativity and free will, assuming that the latter exists”.

    To start off the project, I was thinking of creating a random job generator that spits out the names of various administrative/menial job titles, such as “taxi driver” and “barista.” Then the jobs get ever more complex, including “graphic designers,” “painters,” etc. I found your random name generator (bless you!!) and added the list of jobs, but I was wondering if I could also control how often we would see a particular job title appear. For instance, if I added all the menial labour jobs to var wordlist1, I’d like the computer’s probability of choosing a job from that category as (e.g.) 80%. In var wordlist2, I would put the names of complex job titles, and have the possibility of it appearing as 20%. What kind of code would I need to write in Python to do this?

    If you have any tips/suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my email! I’ll add your name to the project as a way of saying thanks!

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